"infinite ammo"

Hi, I love the game, however after the first campaign and all subsequent ones (i have also reinstalled the game), there is no more ammo refill pop up after missions. so if the mag is not emptied, no need for ressources to be spent to refil ammo and the next mission all mags are full.
naturally the game becomes unbalanced, since ressource management becomes moot point and economy management, especially in the begining of the game is the fun part of the game. or one of fun parts.
can it be fixed with next patch?

Just checking… Running any mods?

Do you have a lot of spare ammo? If so then game don’t bother you with any pop up windows. It just takes what it need from your stores.


nope, no mods. all DLC’s though. tnx

hmm, i did not count the mags after the missions. yet, current “after the mission” popups are different, after initial campaign run. in the first run materials were needed as a % of how empty the mags were. now, unles the mag is 100% emptied, it will show full for the next mission. additionally, I do get popup for resuply after each mission, but it is for medkits, granates, granade launcher ammo, and sometimes rifle ammo. But that is what is strange, it is so inconsistent in what ammo needs to be resupplied. i know i am using more ammo on the mission than the game is asking me to re-purchse.

Oh, yes UI has changes since release. And what is happening needs some more explanation. Will go to laptop to elaborate more… Expect edit.

1st EDIT:
So there were 2 changes:

  1. Previously UI showed all the ammo you had, even half-empty magazines in the stores. Now it shows only full magazines there, despite there can be some additional ammo left. Half-empty magazines still are shown on the soldiers when there is no ammo to replenish their needs.

  2. Previously it was leaving half-empty magazines in your soldier inventory unless you decided to replenish them on the after-mission screen. Now it replenish automatically all ammo in soldier inventory unless you don’t have spare in the stores and then ask you if you want to replenish these half-empty magazines.

Expect some more text…

2nd EDIT:

Because of first change there can be some dilemma how it replenishes ammo with what you can see.

  1. For example lets say that you have 2 soldiers and they will go on two missions,
  • first is using Ares ammo and (magazine has capacity of 36 ammo, and weapon shots with 6 bullets in burst)
  • second is using Buldog ammo (magazine has capacity of 32 ammo and weapon shots with 4 bullets in burst)
  1. Before 1st mission:
  • Soldier with Ares rifle has full magazine in weapon and one spare in the backpack, and you also have 3 spare magazines in stores. So total count of ammo is 5*36 = 180/180 (72 on soldier and 108 in stores)
  • Soldier with Bulldog rifle has similar situation in his inventory, but you have only 2 full spare magazines in stores. So total count of ammo is 4*32 = 128/128 (64 on soldier and 64 in stores)
  1. They both go on the 1st mission and they both use their full magazines in the weapons plus some additional from second magazine. Let say they both shot 10 times.
  • First soldier uses 10*6 = 60 ammo (so soldier finish mission with 12 ammo left in the weapon)
  • Second soldier uses 10*4 = 40 ammo (and this one finish with 24 ammo left in the weapon)
  1. Because you have spare ammo in the stores it replenish all ammo on the soldiers without asking you anything. They both now have full magazines in weapon and in backpack. But on the stores there will be something like that:
  • For Ares 108 (what was in there) - 60 (used during first mission) = 48 ammo left (so there will be 1 full magazine, and 12 additional bullets).
  • For Bulldog 64 - 40 = 24 ammo left (so 0 full magazines, and 24 additional bullets)

  1. Because of how UI is now working you will see in stores before 2nd mission:
  • One full magazine for Ares
  • No ammo for Bulldog
  1. Your soldiers go on second mission and second soldier was unlycky to have arm disabled during fight and he shot only few bullets, and the first one had to perform more:
  • Soldier with Ares uses 11 shots with 66 bullets in them, so finishing mission with only 6 bullets left from second magazine
  • Soldier with Bulldog uses 2 shots with 8 bullets, so he finish mission with 24 bullets in weapon and 32 bullets in spare magazine.
  1. After the mission you will see replenish screen:
  • buy ammo for Ares, because soldier needs 72 bullets and you have only 6 left with him and 48 in the stores. It will use full magazine from stores and will ask you to buy 72-6-48 = 18 ammo for 36 bullets magazine thus will show there cost of 18/36 of Ares Rifle Magazine.
  • because your soldier with Bulldog used only 8 bullets it will replenish automatically without prompting you to buy additional bullets - despite you had no visual clue that there is still some ammo left. Now it will be 24 - 8 = 16 ammo still left in the stores for Bulldog
  1. Before next mission you will not see any ammo in the stores, because:
  • for Ares you have used all and you just replenished what was needed for the soldier.
  • And for Bulldog you still don’t have full magazine despite having 16 ammo left for next replenish actions.

So to sleep better you need to manually buy additional ammo to have it for next after-mission replenish. Of course you can play without spare ammo in stores and replenish this ammo after each mission and due to cost rounding you can probably even save some “money”, but I’m not sure if it is worth the risk of having soldiers without full magazines in the weapons (if by some chance you will run out of resources for replenish after mission).

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thank you for the explanation