Items disappear from inventory

Happens constantly when swapping from personnel to manufacture and back. You can lose whole stacks of ammo by equipping a gun so that it auto-loads a magazine then swapping to manufacture and back. It seems to delete the rest of the stack and remove the magazine that was supposed to be auto-loaded into the gun.

For me this has happened with a few weapons. Sometimes when unequipping weapons they’ll disappear too. The one it’s happened most with is the Goliath grenade launcher. It will delete 2 magazines pretty much every time I try to load it. So it takes 3 magazines to actually reload it.

Can’t narrow down exactly what does it but exiting the inventory by going back to the geoscape doesn’t cause the ammo to be deleted from the Goliath.


Already reported, I hope, it will be fixed in the release.

I hope??? The game would be unplayable if not!

reported many times

bug still here. please fix it

Haven’t had it happen to anything too important yet, but I had a few pieces of armour randomly disappear. Not sure if it’s happening during gameplay, or on Save/Load - I’ve only noticed it after I load a save from the map.

Bug is still there. About 3 hours into my first game, I was kitting some soldiers. Somehow my sniper’s current full kit copied itself over to my heavy. Now I have two sniper weapons and armor, and zero heavy weapons and armor. Pretty much killed my current resource balance to re-manufacture.

I’ve narrowed this bug down for ammo at least. Here’s the sequence:
I load ammo via +ammo button.
I drag ammo to manufacture.
I produce more ammo.
And here we are - no ammo in the soldier’s inventory. And materials are spend.

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