Update my build

Hello, I have BB3 how do I update to the latest build?

Starting with built 4 backer betas have been provided via Epic Store. Search your email - you should have received one with the key for the Epic.

If not contact snapshot at contact@snapshotgames.com

tried contacting it through the link provided. It put me on to google search. ???
Searched google with the link. tried the contact link. no dice.

some constructive criticism. Try have automatic updates when you log on to game. Like most other games.
Should not need to go through a third party when I paid you for the backing.

It does automatically update now. On Epic game store. So that’s “fixed” for all installs after they changed to Epic.

That’s not a link, that’s an email address :wink: Copy into your email of choice and write. Still, if you haven’t, do a quick search on your email.

In case you somehow missed it, a while back Snapshot signed a deal with Epic to make Phoenix Point an yea long exclusive for their store. As such, they started to use this store to provide backer builds going forward. More info at

(This time it is a link)

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on March 27th you should have received an email from contact@snapshotgames.com titled “your key to backer build 4,” with a key to the Epic Games store. It could have ended up in your spam or trash folder, or your promotions folder if using gmail/hotmail. If the email address associated with your method of payment is different to the one you are searching, check in the other one. If you still cannot find it, send an email to contact@snapshotgames.com