How to get access?

Hiya Guys,
Im a bit unsure nowadays how to get access to the newest back builds, i have a seperate download for an older version but my xsolla receipt takes me to the Snapshot Launcher which doesnt seem to work properly. Ive also heard the game is going to be on the Epic store so im even more unsure of where i get the game anymore.


You got a mail from Snapshot games ( on 27.3.2019 at 20:00 with, a code for BB4 to get it from Epic games, look in spam or search your mails with keyword: snapshot
Pls next time don’t spam the forum. If you would look at the forum, you would find your answer… :wink:

as Sodin said, you will have received an email on March 27th from titled “Your key to backer build 4” containing a key redeemable on the Epic Store for the backer builds. Check your spam/trash folders, and if using a gmail account your promotions folder for it. If the email address you are using is different from the one associated with your method of payment, check that one. If you still cannot find it, send an email to