Update fail from BB3 to BB5 (hopefully)

I’ve run the launcher as admin, and it had no update … then I went to the Options>Repair and it downloaded 3.2Gb of “something”, however when I run the game it still says BB3. Closing and re-running the launcher does the same thing. Can ne1 advise what is going wrong? Thanks.

You’re still using Xsolla launcher, starting from BB4, Phoenix Point is only available through the Epic Store launcher. You must have received, a couple of months ago, an e-mail giving you the Epic key that allows for the BB’s download.

Ah … I just searched the forum and found that info … no email unfortunately, but I’ve sent a request to snapshot support. Thanks samshell

on March 27th you should have received an email from contact@snapshotgames.com titled “your key to backer build 4,” with a key to the Epic Games store. It could have ended up in your spam or trash folder, or your promotions folder if using gmail/hotmail. If the email address associated with your method of payment is different to the one you are searching, check in the other one. If you still cannot find it, send an email to contact@snapshotgames.com