Unsupported Platform Notification

Why am I getting a notification from Epic saying that the game content isn’t supported on my platform? I’ve had no issues with the previous BB’s and can play the game just fine, but now I’m being told that my computer (2018 MBP) isn’t compatible…

Anybody know:

  1. why this is an issue
  2. if I can ignore Epic’s warning
  3. do I need to ask for a refund because system specs have changed


We do support Mac - I believe one of our co-founders was able to download and run it fine on his Macbook Pro, so it sounds like it may be a different issue causing this.

Have you sent a message to Epic’s player support?

I haven’t checked with them yet but I’ll follow up with them. Since I’m very tech un-savvy I just wanted to check with others to make sure I wasn’t missing some system requirement change from the previous BB’s.

We’ve had a couple of other people with the same/similar issue. We definitely have a working Mac version, so it’s possible that it’s some sort of configuration issue. We’re chasing it up ourselves.

Thank you, I really appreciate your help with this!