BB5 Update error

I seem to be getting an error message when trying to update from Epic:


Are you running any antivirus software which may be causing interference? The build is definitely ok as others have downloaded it successfully.

Also, was this a clean install or an update of BB4?

It’s an update.

For anti virus I’m running AVG.

I’ll test out trying to uninstall and reinstall, and also have a go on a different laptop with alternative anti-virus (It’ll run the game like a potato, but at least I check the install)

Oh I think I know what’s happened.

My wife was logged into the laptop and I’d signed into Epic to which it’s started auto updating on that.

I’ve then signed in myself later and tried to initialise the update, at which point it can’t because it’s already started the process.

Anyway it’s downloading… 29%

Seems like good logic to me. Please keep me posted.

How do i get BB5 ? I just created an Epic account just for that…

Is it still delayed on Epic ? Can someone help me ?

in order to get the backer builds you will have had to have purchased one of the tiers that comes with access to them. Currently that is just the Platinum and Signature Editions on the main website. The version on the Epic Store doesn’t come with access.

I have bought the Digital extras edition. Does that mean that i can’t download BB5 ? If so, that’s unfair because when i bought it was said i had the right to get BBs, which i did to some point…

the Digital Extra Edition from the Fig campaign does have access to the backer build.

You should have received an email titled “Your key to Backer Build 4” from back on March 27th. This contains the redemption key for backer build 4 and backer build 5 is just a patch to that. If you cannot find it, check in your spam/trash folder. If using hotmail or gmail check under promotions. If the email address you are searching is different from the one associated with your method of payment, check there. If you still cannot find it, send an email to

I didn’t receive the BB4 key e-mail and just sent a message to support. Thank you very much for your help, Kings_Rook

you’re welcome. Hopefully things get resolved quickly.