Research Virophage Injector; last mission (Spoiler)

I researched the Virophag Injector and thus triggered the last mission.

But that pissed off all factions and I got - 75 value for each faction.

Is there a way to trigger the last mission without worsening my relatitionship to the factions?

Edit: I am aligned with New Jericho.

Once you research Virophage injector, you are locked into the Phoenix Point ending. Whatever your relations were with other factions.

The -75 is there to try to trigger wars with other factions (but since I was close to 100 with all…) and force you to end quickly.

Ok, but will I still get the New Jericho ending? Or should I have done something else to get it?

Hope you have a saved game before finishing the research. Otherwise, you have to restart the game.

No, I didn`t.

What else could I have been doing to trigger the last mission, without the Virophag Injector?

Or in other words:
What do I have to research and get the last mission AND bei aligned with New Jericho AND get the New Jericho ending?

There are 5 different endings.

  • One for Phoenix Point
  • One per faction
  • One if you lose (100% ODI)

Each winning ending is triggered by a different research. I’m not at home to give the names but you can find them on this forum.
Ending the research for one of them blocks you into one ending (even if you then do the research for an other faction).

Unfortunately nothing. If you don’t have saved game before Virophage Injector research you must do PP ending. If you have load it and skip Virophage Injector research.

I made this some time ago

Look there. When you finished one of those researches then you are locked in the ending of the game.

In my opinion the best way would be that you are allowed to research all and before the beginning of the Final Mission you could choose for which fraction you want to play the final Mission.

Currently you Play the final Mission for the fraction which research you completed First.

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Boys, I have found a savegame from before the research. Had to repeat the painful New Jericho fortress mission with FIVE Chirons. *sigh

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Strange, I am again at the point, where I can research the Virophage Injector, yet the
New Jericho last research point: Project Nemesis is not available. What have I done wrong?

Do I have to complete all available other research for NJ before I get the topic?

Got it, had to do more research for NJ.

Are you allied with them? What is diplomatic percentage?

EDIT: I think you have to be 75+% with them to be able to do shared research. On 50+% level you only get their research once they finish it, you don’t contribute.

Just did this mission with 4 mortar Chirons. I forgot to put “+20 armor” from technician but my heavies lost only little health. My sniper on the other hand got some of it and nearly died. So I can confirm, remedy against Mortar or Goo Chiron, heavy armor.

I am allied with New Jericho.

I don’t know then. I have finished NJ ending but now don’t remember what exactly I had to research before Project Nemesis. I remember only that I have finished all their research before the final mission.

Is there anything I should know for the last mission boss?
I saw, he has about 9000 health. What weapons do I take best with me?

Whatever your play style is bring LOT of ammo. 2 priests with mind crush will help you very much. Save game before that mission because there is no evac area, if you lose you lose whole team.

Hi Guys,

I know this thread is old but I got the same problem. Project Nemesis isn’t showing up. I have only the option for the Virophage Injector. I researched nearly everything, I only miss some catched pandoran research for example the psychic influences research (Clarity Module) and the goo research (Goo Repeller). Are those two needed or do I miss something completely? The last research for NJ was the AI.



Here is a overview of my research that is available …

and the finished NJ ones.

There should be a goal on the global view that NJ builds their big Command Center (or something similar) anywhere. If this is ready you have to defend it together with NJ troops against a big bunch of pandorans and after that you get access to Project Nemesis.