Master Scientist, what am I missing?

Not sure why I haven’t unlocked the achievement. This is with all research unlocked, including the New Jericho “Armageddon AAM” which unlocked after Project Nemesis.

I did get Master Manufacturer, and I do have a save with the tech tree saying “No Research Available”

It may be that you don’t have last research from other factions.

I think they are mutually exclusive. So if you have all from New Jericho, then you can’t do all from Synedrion or Disciples. You need separate runs to have them.

Only the endings are mutually exclusive, and the exclusion triggers when you complete a finale research.
In the screenshotted ending, I’d researched all techs ncluding each of the faction’s finale research.

I also have 4 of the 5 endings. (Missing Synedrion’s Terraformers.) So, only way this is true is if the “Project Liberation” Synedrion tech is secretly two different researches and needs a second playthrough to get the other variant.

Do you have Project Vulture? The one that gives +3 STR to all your operatives. It is from New Jericho. They have some internal conflict and you have to side with Colonel Jack Harlson to get that.

That was it, I opted to destroy project vulture on my playthrough, loaded back, blitzed hecate chose harlson is right twice and project vulture showed up.

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