Unit info screen

It would be great to have more information about unit here:

  • (less important) soldier general xp / and current xp earned from this mission
  • (less important) all stats like strength, willpower and speed (next to Health Point, Will Points and Action Points) to see how they translate to those combat stats after applying all modifiers (skills, armor, effects)
  • (really important) each piece of equipment, instead of icons which show stats like in inventory, should show its HP and armor just like all body parts are shown, [there could be also ammo count and spare magazines but we have it already in mission UI]
  • (really important) add description which arm or leg it is (right/left, front/middle/rear)
  • (really important) additionally each body part should show each effect affecting body part (now I only have seen bleeding there), what about fire and acid?
  • (really important) abilities should be connected with some line to body part granting each ability (for enemy units after doing proper research / autopsy)
  • also differentiate passive (Extreme Focus), auto-conditional (Tritons or Queen mist) and activated (Quick Aim) abilities for example with background color, or just name color like with STATUS entries (which are red)

  • body parts could be more consistent between units. Currently enemies have head first, and soldiers have torso first. It would be great to always start with head, then torso, then any additions to torso like abdomen and carapace, then arms, then legs. And under each arm could be equipment (in case of soldier’s ready items all under arms).
  • what more, if it won’t be too much work, to make it more interesting make it as model from Personnel screen and show basic info next to each body parts, and abilities right after pointing body parts with cursor.
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Thank you Yokes. This screen is very much a work-in-progress and I will make sure the UI team get your feedback. There is already a new design for this screen which has a schematic diagram of the character, rather than just a list.


So my last point from second post is already done. Great!

Btw wouldn’t that be great if all abilities were connected with body parts? Like in example above Extreme Focus with head, Quick Aim with hands, Dash with legs, etc. And disabling those body parts would disable all these abilities from enemy and our soldiers.

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As far as I can tell, it’s the second time @JulianG congratulates you for your help, @Yokes. Nice, mate! :sunglasses:

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