Suggestion/ improvement

Hi i bought the game yeasterday, i notice a bit of disorientation on the first.
I know it’s an early access and soon it will be released another update, but i want to share my opinion cause i like this game.

On first impact i didn’t get any help about what to do, i already played xcom games so i know what to do, but maybe a little help for new player could help, the interface didnt give so much information.
It’s unclear about what you could do on the globe.

Anyway i really would like a bit more tooltips for the character skill tree, like what you will unlock, how much it cost in will point or action point, there will be a cooldown on the ability? what mean proficiency weapon on the sniper? it sound nice when i read it, but it works only with pistols.

Anyway even a recap about what ability have a soldier it could be a nice idea on mission, when you start to have a lot of soldier its easier to remember what could do a soldier on the battlefield.

Also i would like to undestand more how ammo its working, no help o clarification about it.
It seems that every weapon has some magazine at the start of the mission, so i think ok i could manage the ammo of the whole squad without any extra ammo in the back (i didnt like the idea to use the resourcers for that), but suddently one of my soldier start the mission without any clip.
I was a bit disoriented, then i try to do some test with the “New Jericho Rocket Launcher” but it didnt end well, im still confused, its not working as i supposed.

Even the alien ability are a bit confusing, what exactly they do? most of time they get eliminated even before i get it, a name on the enemy could be helpfull.

I hope to see some change in next patch, i’ll still supporting the game, im sure you will add everything its needed to help new player and to let the veterans enjoy it.
Great choice posticipate the launch, a lot of game get mass disliked just becuase they wasnt finished yet at the start.

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There’ll definitely be tutorials in the final game, though I’m not sure if it’ll be ready for the demos. But by december there should be more stuff explaining everything when the actual game is released :smiley:

Tutorial will be available in December full release. In September it won’t show up. For now you need to read manual in English attached to the game - “Game Guide” in main menu. In current build there is not much you can do on the globe part. You equip your soldiers, fly with dropship called Manticore to the mission sites, and you build radar stations to expand your possible territory to explore. You sometimes take part in an event and you sometimes can recruit soldiers from havens. That is all.

Currently abilities doesn’t have cooldowns. Only prerequisites are:

  • proper item selected
  • and in some cases enough Will Points.

But info about active/passive property and AP/WP cost are really expected to show up in final game (I hope so). They just need to balance them and decide what is doing what finally.

I suppose you mean Gunslinger skill and its description. Currently skill tooltips are not precise. Here you have table I have created.

Every weapon has ammo (you can see this stat after hovering mouse over weapon). You have spare magazines in general “base” store. In current build that general store is available everywhere where your Manticores are and in every base (something like teleporting equipment). You need to equip your soldiers with weapon of your choice and take care that they have some spare magazine in case of heavy fire fight. You produce weapons and magazines in Personel screen when you select soldier and his equipment. When you move weapon from general store to soldier’s inventory game try to fill that weapon with magazine, if there is spare ammo available in general store. If there is no ammo then that weapon will be empty (there is small icon of magazine in lower right corner on each weapon icon). When you are on the mission and you shoot, game counts every bullet or grenade or rocket you have fired. After the mission game try to refill weapons used during mission with ammo available in general store. Thus you will see decreasing magazine count in that general store. Game shows only full magazines there until there will be not enough ammo to fill one magazine, so then shows only partly filled magazine.

Well I won’t list all alien abilities here with their exact mechanics, but why do you even want to know their abilites? Names will be available in full game, and if developers will keep their promise you will be even able to name them all yourself. Maybe I will tell you what enemy can do:

  • Fireworms (small bug with 5 HP) - they suicide with fire explosion near your soldiers, keep them away!
  • Fireworm egg (transparent 14 HP egg) - can spawn Fireworm when your soldier will come too close or then triggered by Hatching Sentinel
  • Mindfraggers (facehuggers with 11 HP) - they run to your soldier and from distance of 3 tiles jump on them taking control of that soldier, kill them fast even if on soldier to regain control
  • Mindfragger egg (not transparent 14 HP egg) - can spawn Mindfragger when your soldier will come too close or then triggered by Hatching Sentinel
  • Crabmen (those human like creatures with HP between 7 and 18) - depending on mutation can stab you with pincer arm, shoot you with gun arm, grenade you with grenade arm, or spit poison with spitter head (gradually decrease HP of affected unit)
  • Hatching Sentinel (20 HP tall stationary creature) - when hit or detects enemy then after preparation will hatch all eggs on half of the map :slight_smile:
  • Mist Sentinel (22 HP tall stationary creature) - sometimes on its own, but mostly when hit or detects enemy, then after preparation will spawn mist which affects will point (decrease for your soldiers and increase for aliens)
  • Terror Sentinel (25 HP tall stationary creature with 3 heads) - when hit or detects enemy then after preparation scream decreasing will points (can be nasty for not experienced soldiers)
  • Siren (rare centipede creature with 39 to 55 HP) - depending on mutation can decrease willpower with screaming head (can easily cause panic to not experienced soldiers), can boost stats (move range and will points) of allied monsters with buffing head, spid acid with proper torso (it decreases armor of affected unit and do damage if there is no armor), inject virus with injector arms (it decreases will points like poison decreses HP, but when soldier will reach 0 WP he will become zombie thus your enemy), may apply additional bleeding with melee attack with slasher arms (even without disabling body part)
  • Chiron (rare, big [3x3 tiles] artillery creature on 4 legs with 38 to 46 HP) - can deploy itself with 12 HP legs (50% better accuracy and 50% more projectiles fired in one barrage), can stun with 16 HP legs (up to 14 stun damage depending on range), can melee attack for 10 damage with 14 HP legs, but it mostly doesn’t use leg abilities (except deploying), fire 4 goo bombs with goo abdomen (it is most welcomed abdomen mutation, as mostly is not so lethal as it only glues your soldier to the ground), fire 5 fireworms with fireworm abdomen (yes those monster described above, which can be quite deadly if you let them live to the next turn), fire 3 explosive bombs with mortar abdomen (quite inaccurate but if 2 bombs will hit one of your soldiers, then he is almost sure as dead)
  • Queen (really rare and big [7x7 tiles] creature with 147 to 160 HP) - she can spit goo with spitter head (but with line effect rather than splash bombs of Chiron), can attack with sonic blast with sonic blaster head (up to 20 stun damage decreased with range), can boost allies with heavy head (like Siren with buffing head), can spread mist with mist carapace when attacked (like mist sentinel), can spawn mindfragger with her abdomen (creature described above), and most of all can SMASH with arm smashers (15 damage and 3 armor shred in this order) :slight_smile:

I hope it will help.