Sharing my thoughts and general feedback

Hello just wanted to share my thoughts on obvious things, that i believe don’t need special attention and will be improved by the end of the development cycle but want to vent my general feel about some things:

  1. When i open a soldiers inventory on a mission i would like to be able to scroll between their inventory from inside the inventory screen itself, instead of closing it - switching soldier - opening inventory.

  2. On the mission the soldiers hp is shown as a number while their level is also shown as a number in the left bottom corner, and other things are shown in number. That is a bit confusing since their is no visual feedback\icons\avatars\signs and just numbers everywhere.

  3. When throwing a grenade on an enemy it inputs limb damage that is shown as floating text. It is hard to track what limb damage was done on what enemy if you hit several of them at once.

  4. Battle log is needed to track action history combined with hits\misses and limb damage.

  5. Would like to be able to hover an enemy and press a button to get a summary of what kind of mutations they have instead zooming in and going into free aim mode to manually check what mutations they have.

  6. Would like to see body system button cycle like tab target cycle instead of manually aiming at body system with my mouse in free aim mode. Free aim still should be a thing to fire at custom angles\targets like through walls.

  7. Movement speed options would be nice or instead of executing one command per soldier, allow us to move with a soldier and while he is moving we can issue another movement command to the next one like in Xenonauts.

  8. I would love to be able to queue up movement commands to the whole squad and execute by clicking 1 button, which ever soldier encounters an enemy stops like they usually do when you execute a movement command for them right now.

To try and shorten the players turns and make it more comfortable instead of constant clickaty click, while watching them run one by one.

  1. Way points for movement? Don’t remember if i tried but i think there are no way points, something similar to XCOM2. To be able to decide which path the soldier takes even though you can move a tile by tile basis.

  2. Really dislike the enemy spawn points even when we will have the mist. I think they should spawn in a more general direction and even in the middle of the map in some structures maybe through some kind of a sewage system. They also need at least 50%-100% of their action points but only to take cover positions, otherwise they just spawn in and stand and die.

  3. When cycling through the soldiers perk trees on the squad screen, would be nice to have soldiers list instead of cycling with an arrow back or forth.

  4. Completely free camera control to be able to determine how good is your soldiers cover from the perspective of the enemies, the “Half shield” “Full shield” is misleading and doesn’t cover most angles.

  5. Auto save after each turn and the ability to load into missions, i understand it is a backer build but nothing is more infuriating than lost progress and some times really huge chunks of progress if you haven’t saved on the geoscope. In my mind this should be a priority going forward with test builds.

This is from the top of my head, this is by no means complaints just my general feel.
Would like to know what other players feel about whatever in the game.

Have a nice weekend.

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