Combat UI feedback

Have been having issues seeing damage and ticks for different d.o.t. damage when their happening, particularly on the last enemy action the camera will pull away once the ai has decided the action and the camera will pull away back to my units during the enemy animation ex: last enemy action for their turn throws a grenade camera pulls away while grenade is sailing through the air by the time i regain control of the camera to pan back all damage and d.o.t. damage effects to my unit have resolved and im panning over a dead leroy jenkins with no real idea how one crossbow bolt that missed and one poison grenade managed to do 180 damage, an in mission combat log that tracks who did what damage to who and armor shredded and d.o.t. damage and type accumilated turn by turn would be a big help for being able to keep up with this and evaluate my gear/soldiers/tactics effectiveness vs my enemies gear/soldiers/tactics. However i do love the game and the challenge level presented for constantly evolving tactics awesome job. Have a couple other small bugs to report related to explosives but i wanna test a little more and make sure what i think the game is doing is what its actually doing