Some bugs, some wishes

What i have seen so far in build one i like in its basics, graphic looks good, balistic system is rly nice.

What i can tell what i rly need r tooltipps for the ui, soldierinfo icons, an option menue, better line of sight lines(the line between enemy and u, what u see if u move). Shorter delays after moving. Let us hear the enemies. Let us mark objectives and founded chests, what shows up i the ui as an arrow with its specific icon (like in xcom2)

Tooltips: if i scroll over an possible action, i prefer to see an information

Soldier icons: in xcom2 there is mod, u see all ur soldiers on small icons/pictures, with current hp and action points, u can click on it to pick the soldier

lines: the lines need better visibility, and should show up if i scroll over/click an enemy in the ui

options menue: i prefer an option to disable 3D targeting/3d cam, pls let us decide between 3D/ Freetargeting and on top targeting with clickable bodyparts,
let us turn the map wtih shorter range as 45 degree

Enemies: In xcom2, if an enemy moves near u out of sight, u can “hear it” by an animation and quote by the soldier

Map: Marks done by ourself r needed, so i dont have to scroll and search alltime

Fight/Movement: The delay for the next action after moving is too long for me, pls let us pick another soldier while the other still moves

Bugs so far: Soldiers dont move with right click sometimes, last map 2 of 4 moved just by click one the “move” bar whole match, right click did nothing

A way to add User selected marks to map locations from a selection of Icons would be a nice QoL improvement. Likewise on the ability to access a main menu to save game and to quit. Likewise on a series of soldier icons down one screen edge or another that you can click on to instantly select and recenter the camera. Bonus if they have a square around them/box edge/etc color coded to show % of action points remaining (50%+/25%+/>25%), and a further bonus if holding a modifier key - shift/alt/ctrl would make the box indicate either health remaining or WP remaining.

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