[Suggestion] Faction-specific weapon familiarity bonus, trained by field use

A Synedrion soldier is recruited by Phoenix Point. He comes equipped with his laser rifle and laser pistol. Because he’s Synedrion and these’re Synedrion weapons, he also comes with rank 1 of a special perk that applies to all weapons from his faction, no matter what type they are.

This ‘familiarity bonus’ would provide minor accuracy bonuses (like 3% or so) at first, and no proficiency to avoid fumbles; in essence, the soldier is familiar with that faction’s general style, mechanics, and ergonomics for their weapons, and so can use them better in the field than most. As they engage in battles while using any weapons from that faction, their familiarity with them increases in level, and so does the stacking accuracy bonus. At some point, it may provide actual proficiency, but only to weapons from that faction. At the highest levels, it may even provide a small damage percentage increase.

At least four versions of this perk would exist for the four major factions’ unique weapon sets. None of these perks are directly trainable with SP; they have to be trained over time through battle by having soldiers use relevant weapons.

What do you think?


I like it, faction specific perks in general would be a good thing imho.

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