Development Plan Please?

Hey! This is for the Devs.

Could you share your plan on what will be implemented in the future and in what order you’ll be working to implement it? It would be awesome to know what’s coming up, even if you can’t give dates for when you expect them to be released.

Many thanks!

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We are actually working on a public roadmap which will hopefully be ready soon. This will allow you to see what is being worked on and what is in the pipeline. We just haven’t had the time to focus on this recently because of the Backer Build.


Excellent. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’ll look forward to seeing it whenever it’s ready. :smiley:

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If you’re still wondering, they put it up here. Careful though, there are spoilers!!!


I must say that I’m quite excited and I believe in dev team.

  • UI changes are quite nice. Did you saw weapon stats? Maybe damage will also vary depending on range. And Armour and HP stats are gone and there is something like “Condition”, so maybe weapon destruction system has changed?
  • “Aliens” are interesting
  • Weapon and tech distribution between factions is good.
  • There are new vehicles assigned to each faction which is great.
  • Geoscape screens are old I think, but if team will manage to combine them in one working system then I will be happy gamer. :smiley: I love the idea of mist representation on the globe where it has west coast of Europe and Africa
    I’m really curious about new skills in each class (can be seen on some screens).

Surely this will be the first thread to fill once BB3 is out.

Glad to see HEAVY CANNON is back and GAUSS class from … SYNDICATE :slight_smile:

Persuadatron anyone?

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Ok can someone explain how does this development plan works? I’m not sure if there is any progress shown there. I see some titles and subtitles with some pictures, but I’m not even sure what is updated there. Each column is separate thread and is updated downward? Or columns are dependent on each other and most recent ones are on the left or right? Can someone explain how to read that site?

I’m asking because there are few columns with Backers Build 3 in their name. And in Character BB3 column there are things like “Sentinel” with some prefixes or “Facehugger”. But in the leftmost column in section Aliens there is nothing like that. Those are separate threads?


Trello is basically a giant “to-do” list. Anything in the BB3 column is stuff we’re working on which we plan to add into that build. Stuff elsewhere isn’t planned for BB3, though there may be some crossover between columns. It’s also a living document, so as our plans and priorities change, you may see things move around on the board.


So far:

Nov 018: BB3 - Landscape, progress so far
Jan 019 - June 018 At least BB4, maybe even BB5
This time next year - You should be Phoexillionaire

As far as I know, the devs’ plan is to go back to bimonthly backer builds after 3, so 4 in Jan, 5 in march, 6 in may and then launch in june

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True dat, but after so far exp delays, highly unlikely to happen. By so far exp, would be satisfied to see 2 more BBs till the end. But lets first see and wait for BB3

I also think they might be cautious about doing anything like a “full campaign” or even bits of it before the official release, because the story is such a huge appeal for this game and there are so many mysteries to uncover that they want to reveal as little as they can so nobody gets spoiled.

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I do hope they will work on story more then Fireaxis.

Story is a tricky thing to balance for this kind of game where you want high replayability and procedurally generated content. You have to decide if you want milestone missions on fixed maps? Unavoidable events such as a base attack, scripted Behemoth intrusion or anything like this? Do you want a few NPCs to drive the story on the player’s side (Like Shen, Tygan, Bradford and Vahlen)? Do you have game over scenarios tied to critical missions that could clash with the organic nature of the strategic layer?

All in all, I like FiraxCom 1’s way of handling the story, within the limits of the game, and the second one is ok, minus the hero worship and the demigod status of the commander.

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I think Battletech’s style could work too, if enhanced, like timer for story missions (so you can’t wait forever to take down a Behemoth or “capture” a haven, you could even make the mission “harder” the later you choose to do it, which can result in interesting choices [wait for your alpha team to get ready or send the available backup team, maybe do another mission to get that extra thing you really need, even if it means the mission will be harder, etc.]) or certain missions could be not “critically important” (you can fail them but then the next mission/s will be harder and/or a different choice there, you can’t do everything if you didn’t gain the necessary advantage with the prev. mission).

If we think about it, PP seems like a story-focused sandboxy game (you have the story, defeat the virus, but how you do that is almost a sandbox, with the optional allies and their solutions compared to “your own”, destroying every other human faction or saving all of them, in my eyes it’s somewhat more “sandboxy” than “branching storyline”), it’s not like M&B where you do whatever you like ('cos there is a “timer” on things, the Virus will win if you mess around too much), but you do have more freedom on how to approach “The Win” compared to FiraXCOM (1, never played 2 even though I have it on Steam…).