Unable to steal research, context action doesn't appear

I am on a mission to steal research from Synedreon. I was able to steal the first research, but the later 2 actions don’t show up when I move a soldier to the other 2 research spots. It also kinda looks like the objective marker (not the tile highlight) is floating up in the air in some weird spot.

Is there some way to do the win command in the built version? I cannot progress without some solution,

I had the same issue - cannot find a work around.

I blew up the desk and i could grab it


Hmm, I tried doing that and instantly failed the mission.

Ok, blowing up the desk behind the one research, and not the research terminal it’s self did seem to fix it.

The second terminal didn’t have a desk behind it, but I nicked it with a grenade and blew up some nearby boxes and that fixed that terminal.

I’ve just spent two hours trying to do this same mission. Even blowing things up didn’t work and leaving just fails the mission. Very annoying.