Spoilers : Problem with"to antarctica"

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so I think that I am pretty far in my first playthrough (year one edition) but cannot proceed with new jerico.

Looks like the problem is that I haven’t done the “to antarctica” mission. But it is not available.

Don’t know what is wrong there. How is it triggered?

Looks like I could go to endgame with Anu but I don’t really want to.

Edit: 17.02.21: What I think that happend is: looks like one of the ancient DLC missions “overwrote” the “to antarctica” mission. I looked the mission up on Youtube and I am pretty sure I played that map but got an ancient weapon blueprint as a reward - and did not see the “to antarctica” cutsceen. I definitly had to go with Anu to end the game

Basically Antartica should not be necessary, but game is very unclear on what is needed to advance top level to ending with some fraction. Sometimes its diplomacy level, sometimes they need to finish researching something, sometimes you need to research something beforehand.

Depending what was last mission you did for NJ, check here what do you need to proceed

Hey thanks for your reply but you are wrong - Antarctica is necessary because without it I could not research " Yuggothian Entity" which would be necessary for New Jerico ending as well as for Synedrion…

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Yup, knowing about entity is essential to knowing its location (Palace mission)

You need to finish Seeking Dr Symees

I did… There was nothing left zu reasearch (except a few pandorians who could be caught) and no storymissions.

Strange, since after Symes 2 you should see Antartica mission, both on map and in quests.

Seeking Dr.Symes (2) success you should get Antartica

Mission briefing: This archaeological site may be related to the Antediluvian Civilization discovered by Randolph Symes III. If we can secure it, we may be able to figure out where Symes went next.

That’s why I think that there ist a Bug

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