Unable to Paralyze aliens

Hey! Could some one explain this to me or is this a bug? I use the Neuralizer but on every alien every time i get the same flow of events, Imune imune imune imune Dazed, next turn alien runs of so i run after it and hit it again, same thing Dazed, next turn it i have to hit it again and now it dies. Every time! I have tried on 10-15 diferent aliens and they all end upp dead and never Paralyzed. What am i doing wrong here?

Don’t use ‘Bash’, instead there is an action for the Neuralizer called (Edit: ‘Paralyse’ was wrong) ‘Strike’ (or similar, I play on german :wink: ), use this and then you get what you want.

I think it calls „strike“ :wink:
„Paralyze“ would be better

Oh yes, I remember, because the Neuralizer is a melee weapon its special attack is ‘Strike’ (I almost don’t use it, I take the paralysing pistol or SR to capture enemies).

Because „it is“ useless.
Another problem for every Beginner, sadly

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Wow talk about poor ingame explewnation. I found it now! Thanks for the help :slight_smile: The tooltip just says hit the enemy. Shuld of been a big paralyze button, oh well. :slight_smile:

If you use any kind of melee weapon, you have to do melee attack (shortcut F). You can bash with melee weapons as well with Range weapons. Bash always cost 1 AP and cannot fail due to lack of weapon skill.

Melee Weapons needs 2 AP per attack, with exception of Neuralizer, that takes 1 AP.

Special Effects like Daze, Virus and others can only be applied to the enemy, if you do damage. For example Neuralizer has 10 damage and 30(?) penetration, meaning enemies with 40 and more Armor are not affected by daze.

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