Neurazer never stuns

I think my game is broken. Multiple missions this has happened even though I have 2 empty containment facilities. I have enemy’s health down and tap them with the neurazer a few times to drop them. I am using the fist icon and can see the paralysis stacking. However the specimens are never collected even when it’s the very last alien knocked out with the neurazer. VERY ANNOYING. I spent so much effort in a lair to neurazer a siren and chiron side by side without killing them. I even babysat the bodies in case they got up. In the end they were still counted as dead. This game has way too many bugs for release. I could have waited another 2 years for some QA.

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

Are you sure you aren’t actually killing them? The neurazer does damage as well as paralyze damage. You have to keep them alive, with the paralyze damage or whatever you want to call it above the minimum threshold. If you keep using the neurazer on them until they fall down…they are dead.
The last couple, I got them close to death, Mind controlled them, used medkit, neurazer’d until paralyzed, let MC go.

Thanks for your response ariochaotik. That’s just it, I AM killing them apparently. I am not sure I understand the Neurazer. I’ve been trying to whittle down the enemy health to within 1-2 neuro taps for KO. As a result, they are always bleeding at that point, so I thought maybe that was the problem? Also, the neurazer does more damage than paralysis, so how am I supposed to KO them without killing? The description says that the paralysis must be greater than the enemy strength, and I don’t even see their strength anywhere in the info. I don’t know why they made stunning so complicated in this game. Either that or the descriptions need a lot more work.

Does it not say that the paralysis wears off every turn? Therefore I am forced to repeat until KO. How am I supposed to do this without MC?

above the enemies head will be green text like 10/125. you have put 10 paralysis damage on them, out of the minimum of 125+ that you need to actually paralyze them. Each tick the paralysis will wear off a couple of points. you cant wait until they are almost dead, you have to start earlier but not too early. If you try to paralyze an enemy with 2000 hps, that’s a ton of neurazer’n to do. The synedrians have ranged weapons that do paralysis damage also, a pistol and a sniper rifle. The pistol I think does 5, and the sniper does like 15 I think

what they mean by strength is the enemies current hitpoints determines how much paralysis damage required to actually paralyze them.

Okay, and I would be happy to happy healthier circle the crabs with neurazers, but they always seem to have unlimited return fire that obliterates my stun guys. I don’t know how we’re expected to stun a crab (maybe I got the stunners a bit late when the crabs are too tough). I guess my only options are to stun snipe or start game over.

I think it’s dumb that the stunner has to do more paralysis damage than their remaining health, and yet shooting them down to a stun-friendly health ends in the stun gun killing them. And if their health is higher than that you get blasted point blank with a machine gun.

I suppose another option might be to start the damage on enemy with sniper shots to the weapons, then move in for the neurazing.

blow off their weapons before attempting paralyze. when you do, it will cause bleeding. it’s annoying to deal with, hence why I started using mind control on them and hitting with medkit so they don’t die.

as a matter of fact, I typically deal with the crabs by blowing off their weapons, and just letting them run around bleeding all over the place. Blow off the launcher arm first, then if they have machine gun that, then if they have spitter head, do that, and then pincher last if they have that.

Note: if you destroy their “arm” it disables their weapon attached to the arm. The arm is usually the least armored part.

FYI, it is not more paralysis than HP, but their actual strength stat. The same one your soldiers use to increase their carrying capacity and HP

HP/10 is roughly their strength I believe

ah thanks for the clarification Kings.

you’re welcome

After going crazy over this for quite a few days I decided to run tests on different aspects of the capture and then the “Doh Hammer” hit me in the head.

When you activate the Neutralizer device a new action icon appears on your HUD. Its a clenched hand like a fist with the title “Strike” as opposed to Bash. The tool tip says “strike with the equipped weapon”
So the obvious conclusion is " Neutralizer is the weapon" so the reaction of the player is to “Bash” which results in pummeling the enemy with no paralyze effect.

Thank you Snapshot games for putting so much thought into your very complicated game.

Ok so now I know how this thing works. First shoot off/disable the weapon/arm. Then use the assaults “rush” using will power points. Once at the target “Strike” 4 times using your AP. If you have the “rally troops” perk you can activate that on your other assaults to replenish the AP on the soldier you are using to capture the enemy.

So far the strength rating is 24 for the following: Crabmen, Face Fragger, Triton and Siren.

I did one scavenger mission and didn’t kill any aliens, just captured them all, so I actually felt like I was advancing in this infuriating game. Oh and I am on 5th restart.

I once captured 6 enemies in one combat, including a chiron with the 6. I did it very simply by going to scavenger missions with 3 snipers with neuro sniper rifles and just going overwatch in one corner of the map. Bam…