Unable to login, im using the service to frequently!

Not played on the full version of the game much this week.

Trying to log in tonight and it telling me i cant login as im visiting / using the service to frequently!

Any ideas?

something is up with Epic

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ah ok thank you

Yes I had this too… took me like 2 hours to log in and play a game that I own… Nice going with the decision to use such an amazing distribution platform and not steam.

On top of this, I had to reinstall the Epic Launcher client because it was bugging out. Guess what happens when you uninstall the Epic launcher? All your Epic games are uninstalled too… Nice… had to both reinstall the launcher AND phoenix point from scratch. What a piece of hot garbage Epic is.

I had the same problem. I launch the game locally and lost all my savegames. But it was not realy that. Launching the game unconnected use local savegames. I had none. I suppose you can copy your online save in the local data to play unconnected and after that copy them back in the online folder. That is just slightly complicated and you may loose the right to complain if you loose your savegames.

I have copy the savegames to local thinking it was a bug and has not copy them bach to online after that. So I have continued my current game but lost every advancement I have done offline when I launch the game online.