Can saves be transferred from Epic to Steam?

I wonder whether anyone knows the answer to this:

If it I start to play Phoenix Point on the Epic Store, and then one year later it releases on Steam (and GOG) will I at that point be able to simply switch over to Steam and keep playing that same save game with all my progress to that point still intact, or will I have to start the whole game from scratch?

Hey SaM,

Julian mentioned that you’d be able to add PP to your steam game library straight after downloading it from Epic so I think that means ‘Yes, you will be able to’ worst case scenario is a manual copy of some files to the steam folder I guess.

Lol, really? So why is all this whining about ‘Steam promise compromised’ brought up?

You can add almost any non-steam game to steam, doesn’t mean you don’t have to run the epic launcher to install/update it.

That’s the problem for some folks.

Hiya Ped, thanks for the reply, I hope that you’re well. :slight_smile:

I’m not really asking whether I can add the game to my steam library after downloading from Epic, but that is nice to know - I’ve done similar with GOG before just for ease of use.

What I’m more wanting to know here is whether I’ll be able to start playing on Epic, and then after 12 months uninstall from there, install the steam version instead, and keep playing the same save. If it’s simply a case of copying some files from one folder to another then I’m happy with that. If I’ll lose progress and have to start over then I’ll probably give one or the other of the keys away (assuming that I’m allowed to do that).

I would say that you only have to copy files from one folder to another, online synchronization functionality doesn’t mean they are only in the internet. :slight_smile:

One year wait. Originally told it would be on Steam (and GoG…and Linux). Don’t want our libraries split. Not everyone knows how to manually add non-Steam games to their Steam library.

And this doesn’t touch on why one might not want to use EGS.

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