Saved Games will not load

The following downloadable content is required: legacy of the ancients. I already purchased this dlc. Saves from 2019 work but saves from 2020 all have this message.
My father has same issue. Worked last night.

Continue game works but errors occur, ie: Unit not qualified to use weapon

Are you launching the game directly outside of the Epic Games Store Client?
If so, then try launching the game from the Epic Client itself. Your saves should load.

You can tab out and close the Epic Store Client after that. Loading should work fine for that play session.

don´t works. can´t load the game

We’ve identified this issue as only affecting games which were started between December 3rd and December 6th. This sounds oddly specific, but it’s only on particular games started between a patch and a hotfix.

We’re working on a hotfix to address this issue and we’re planning to deploy it tomorrow.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Restarted Epic tonight but nothing has changed with Phoenix Point. I can confirm I started playing 12/3/2019. Please advise.