My Saves Are Gone (Help)

I logged on today to find dozens of hours of progress are just gone. I was almost to Antarctica but the most recent save I can see is now back in Asia. Seriously WTF - how can I fix it? This game is BROKEN.

it may be cause you had an issue or exited the game too hardly.

Leave a minute or two to epic launcher to sync your savegame after you leave the game. It’s not much a phoenix issue than an epic launcher sync issue, usualy. When you relaunch the game, you’ll have to choose if you want to import for the cloud or your computer. Pick accordingly, the most recent save of the two

Nope, the saves are just gone. They’re not even in the hidden save file folder. This is unacceptable. Leave programming games to the professionals, or better yet stop wasting your time and tell people to play XCOM 2 instead. Epic refused to refund a defective product, so I’m uninstalling and never looking back. Say what you want but having this happen and keeping the money is criminal.

Always turn off cloud saving in these launchers. Having it enabled is asking for trouble.

Why the hell was it on in the first place!? Why the fuck would you sell your game on a launcher that will actually delete your saves after 30 hours in!? Why are people seemingly fine with this kind of criminality!? Epic and the people who sell their games there are just thieves. You should all be dragged out into the street and shot in the head for the good of civilization. The fact that you’re not is a problem.

Epic are a bad moove for gamers definetly, but they introduced good things for developers AND for streamers or people leaving around video game industry alltogether.

As of now i don’t use the launcher, except for this specific one (and i must say i mostly play on a cracked game version (sorry mods xD) regardless i do posses a key since the begining just to avoid epic and the almost daily “login attempt from another location, basesd all around the planet” i had a month ago regardless i use enpass encryption with a really strong, and unique, password that i change every time, even from different computers in case my pc was pirated, but nope, it’ll continue regardless, and only with epic launcher… I don’t have any trust about epic as a customer. But i recognise they do some moove that are good for video game in general.