Ultimate Phoenix Point Challenge!

What would you include in an Ultimate Challenge? Can we come to some sort of agreed list of points?

no double classing?
certain skills can’t be used?
team size?
faction relations?

  • You can multiclass, but don’t train and use any class skill or Biochemist perk (other perks and skills from items/armors/mutations are still usable).
  • Attributes have limit of 20.
  • Max team size is 7.
  • Enter a vehicle only when you have at least 2 AP with a soldier.
  • Ancient weapons can have only one copy (like living weapons).
  • Don’t take control over NPCs unless it is unavoidable or objective.
  • Disengage from air combat only when aircraft has less than 350 HP (in case of Tiamat can be less than 400 HP), not when you feel it will give you advantage
  • Don’t stack facilities in any single base
  • Cure corruption only during 7th day of a month and its multiplications (7th, 14th, 21th, 28th)
  • Do only one mission for ally status. So skip such missions from other factions.

Of course there can be other limitations, but lets not make it more dramatic :wink:

  • You cannot recruit soldiers at base
  • You can recruit soldiers from haven, after reaching level 5, they will return to their former haven
  • Haven defense missions are easier due to trained soldiers in the haven
  • you can recruit mutoid at start and the mainbase has a unique building that produces 100 mutagen per day
  • artifact weapons do 5% of damage done to the agent



Where you have something like that?


I think he is writing for what he would like to see in the game. A bit different from my original thought, but interesting to see ideas.

Yes, thats alternate game settings that are not available in the game.

the game needs some (crazy) options, if you start a new game for an alternate game experience.