After 443h game with ally 3x100% & 75% population surviving

I had pleasure to start game with all DLC´s again and…
At begin, second time I notice, what ever whole first step annoying was.
There is simply no free choice for extra skills, I was not surprised about it.
But thanks experience I can not accept (bad destination for a given soldier class)
random extra skills. The question is, can you add free choice for the first five soldiers
and changes for the rest by using mutagens?
Thanks for your answer and so far, the game is unplayable for me second time.
(I think not only for me annoying point)

Best regards!

ps: BTW! elite soldiers(if maxed) should win the points for whole PhoenixPoint team :wink:

This is some kind of flavor for replayabiity. So you don’t create the same soldiers each time.

Unless done by some modders it probably won’t happen. Btw… how mutating can affect what affinity you have to something else? For example… You may be good at using sniper rifles, use mutagens and BAM, now you may be better at using shotguns?

Each combat wins you these points (SP). No matter if soldiers are elite or not. Elite soldiers just don’t get XP on their own. And if you mean that non-elite soldiers should get more XP because these elite do their dirty job, then I say “No, thank you”. Each soldier earns XP according to his performance.

Why it is unplayable? I assume not because of lack of manual perks assignment to starting soldiers.

Yeah you have a lot right…Second game made me smarter :wink:
And I am sorry that I did not express myself precisely on many points.

Everyone should have have a chance, to create first extra 3 skills.(for the first key soldiers) Because of experience from past game.(many extra random skills hurts a given class)

Exactly! Sniper with heavy weapon skill(extra) for example. OK nice mix but view range -15 hurts…If we could have a chance to change 2 other extra skills it would be perfect. For example we choose that one with +10 view range skill :wink:

No. Maxed, I meant not EXP just the soldier all skills activided + statistics,
And these soldiers SP for next missions(if they don’t need any more) could be add up to the total amount.(for noob-fresh soldiers)

I didn’t make myself clear here!(sorry) Topic DLC!
With each new DLC you have to start the game anew …

BTW! Next TIP!
Any Facilities should produce:
(minimum per day)
Research Lab +1 Tech.
Fabrication Plant +4 Mat.
And why? As I start play this game second time, I was smarter and I robbed all factions.
(as soon as possible) With every rob, I did waiting for their support.
I was eliminating them(to the last) to drops something for me(equipment).
Evry farming(random mission) I restarted until more resources was to get.
Final result, I know this game make us possibility to teleport Equipment,
but still it is annoying to re-equip again and again!
Anyway these +0 at Tech & Mat for whole gameplay looks like WTF…
And the equipment(All kinds) costs a lot.

Final Thing!
The plot of the game adds places where we have to do something. For example, missions for a given faction or after some of the research. Unfortunately places of random discoveries are chosen.
Even those not yet discovered…It would be good to change them into the already discovered one or some additional ones that do not have a joint with posible random discovery places to do. Simple said, new spaces which we cannot discover thanks to radars.
Here I can praise the places that were added after the DLC like Corrupted Horizons.

To you and other that read this thread.
Well, there has been a mod that has done allowing the skill choosing by class a long while. But some of the vanilla skills are really badly broken by the way the game engine breaks them down, so there’s a mod that reduces the super trooper assault berserker infinite turn as long as there are enemies around to kill terminator build to be able to kill a few opponents.

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