Questions about mechanics and units

just some questions about things I’m confused about most I think are small enough to be answered though ha few I’m expecting not being able to be answered due to unable to confirm. I’m avoiding lore or story based questions.

its a lot I know but if I don’t ask then ill never know if they can be answered.

  1. will each faction have their own unique set of classes with the same basic ones with different abilities or just the same basic soldiers with and some unique soldiers?

  2. will map size be varied or is the backer build map be the largest they can get?

  3. will the players get boss like machines apart from transport vehicles? recon raider showed a 3d model of a new Jericho mech, I was wondering if the player can get something like that or even steal a mech walker.

  4. so with the damage per bullet essentially it possible to have so much armor to negate any damage until some gets shredded?

  5. will all the aliens have a basic body to start that can be mutated or will every variation be mutated with random variation to begin with?

  6. will you need to pick and choose what you take back after a mission or can you just take everything back to base with no Biggy on inventory management of the ship?

  7. with the release data pushed back can the floating base be part of the base game from release not needing to wait for a flc after words?

  8. can we get a number of how many basic aliens will be in the game?

  9. when you say 16 is the max squad do you mean that I can control 16 soldiers in one turn or will some be weighting off map for some to die and then appear?

  10. I feel like this has already been confirmed but can you have a three way battle on a mission? for example you invade a haven while it is being attacked by aliens so your fighting both aliens and the original inhabitance of the haven.

  11. will behemoth be able to destroy the phoenix point bases? I know they can destroy havens but if they can destroy phoenix point bases this adds a whole new almost unavoidable threat unless you try and take it down.

  12. can we get a number on how many vehicles are going to be in game?

  13. when you say 7 classes do you mean the basic classes and 3 unique or are the seven classes all unique not counting the basic?

  14. can the mist mutate soldiers during a mission?

  15. I heard that the larva produced by the crab queen will turn into a full fledged enemy after so many turns is this true?

  16. is it possible to now have underwater missions if enough funding is available with the now pushed back release date?

  17. will there be melee?

  18. is it possible to completely stealth a mission, like have a team of infiltrators that’s sole purpose is to slip into a haven steal tech and supplies and then slip out with no combat?

  19. will there be multiple types of behemoths or only one type?

  20. will soldiers have different animations for dying instead of just getting shot or stabbed? like their face gets eaten by acid and such.

  21. will there be a set amount of boss monsters per game? so like if there’s ten and I kill one with there only be nine left for the entire game or will they keep reappearing.

  22. also Is it possible to kill boss monsters on mission or will you have to attack their home in order to kill them?


So many questions. It’s too soon to know everything, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

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Dudley noted I do like having stuff I don’t know and being suprised by it but that is more restricted to enemies and the story and tech. Game mechanics on the other hand I would like to be clarified more and I think most of the question are contributed to that. Though that’s coming from the person who has been documenting and recording any thing I can find on the aliens lol

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From my understanding of what I’ve read about classes the basic classes will be shared across all factions, but specialized classes will be different. There will also be different tech between classes.

It was mentioned on discord that there are bigger maps in the game.

Vehicles will be for transport, but it has been mentioned they are working also on some mounted units (I don’t think it has been confirmed yet, though). Disciples of Anu will have the mounted Mutog, and NJ might have some kind of Mech like the one that was teased on Discord.

Correct. If your weapon does 4 damage and fires 5 bullets, and the enemy has 3 armor, if you land all the shots it will only do 5 damage. In some cases your weapons will do 0 damage if armor is higher than bullet damage

I’m pretty sure they will start with some random mutation. Julian mentioned recently, though, that ayys will have deployment points for each mission, and some mutations would consume more deployment points than others. So at the start expect more basic mutations.

Again, Julian mentioned that the number of ayys in a mission depends on their deployment points available. No mention of how many we could expect, but the game is at a too early stage for starting to talk about balance.

Controlling 16 units in one turn.

Julian mentioned that ayys might try to steal your units for mutating them.

They will make it a paid post launch DLC.


I think it was not decided yet how classes will interact with each other and what set of skills they have :slight_smile:

they postponed release to be able to include all basic content while maintaining good quality, and not to add more content to the game :wink:

I hope they won’t share it

They mentioned even more than 3 sides of conflict, we will see.

Of course, why not?

Another thing that I hope they won’t share

It should be as things like knife or enemy claws were mentioned

it wont be set. If they will “grow” their new bases, queen will get better with every nest mutation. If you won’t control territory expent new bosses coming

It is, as they will try to run

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