Noob Question -- Level Limits

I have been playing a lot and hit level seven very quickly

What will the level limits in game be?

I don’t think anything is known. Considering that the UI doesn’t have clear blank spaces for new skills I wouldn’t count to see more levels in the final game.

However, I do suspect that the xp gain is boosted for the beta purposes.

Looks like a final wrapper/UI to me. I would be surprised to see Levels 8+. I could be wrong, though.

More likely leveling will slow down in the final game. Heck, I had soldier I never used hit L6 just by sitting in the training facility, which seems nuts.

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So if you get to level 7 and select a second skill set the only experience points you get are from leveling up???

If I was to become a technician by faction aligning, but didn’t have the XP to buy skills, I am just phooked?

At this time, after level 7 a soldier cannot level up any further. To get more abilites, you must use the SP gathered from completing missions

So it’s been awhile, and the game has changed from what I have read, so have the level limits stayed at seven?

If so, WHY? People somehow get in a rut there and cannot improve?