Everything is still too easy

I’m assuming you’re testing out stuff, so you’re not making things too hard - but having done 7 missions: 2 Nest clearouts, 1 Haven Defence & 4 Scavenges in the Red Zone, most of my squad is already between Level 3-5, multi-classed and I’ve only lost 1 man.


  • Love the non-linear choices and the multi-classing abilities.
  • Almost everything is too cheap at the moment. I can usually buy all the skills I want after each mission, so there are no hard choices to be made - and we’re XCOM players, we LIVE for hard choices!
  • I like the way the ‘random’ second tier nudges you in certain directions depending on what additional skills are available.

I’m going to post this on a separate strand, but in case it slips my tiny little mind: how will injury work? I’m assuming a Squaddie who is ‘Injured’ on a mission will either operate on reduced stats or be unavailable until Healed in the Sick Bay. If you can give us some indication of how that will work, I’d like to start playing an ‘Honest Man’ version that takes Injury into account, regardless of whether it is implemented yet or not.


  • In the last Scavenger mission I ran, the Crabbies concentrated on 2 Boxes on the other side of the map, then simply cowered behind cover until we came up and shot them. Either there’s a bug, or their self-preservation AI is set to the max.
  • Occasionally I experience the odd time when I’m told there’s an available line of sight, but when I get there, it’s gone. Also, occasionally the LoS line randomly disappears after I’ve moved onto another Squaddie, then come back to the one who previously had that LoS.

Enjoying it a lot. When you decide to make it hard, it’s going to be really entertaining. ;0)

It’s not the natural process, but you can force BB4 to be a bit harder if you let the lairs level up into Citadels. That way you get Chirons, Sirens and Queens as a possibility in most missions. You just need to stop killing the nests for a bit. This also will probably be happening in the other bit of mist if you haven’t found that already.

I’ve also heard that the Phoenix Base Attacks can be tough as nails so you could wait for one haha

As for the AI, it does seem to focus way too much on objectives at the moment, although those crabmen may have been panicked if they were the last ones.