UI changes...WHY?

Ok I have not played the game in some time now and I just started the game after this update and all the movement controls are now different? Before I could move the mouse to scroll the screen and hold the middle mouse button and rotate the screen… now they are all assigned to new keys AND CAN’T be done with the mouse as before? PLUS doing the overwatch is a right pain in the ass now… you set it then you have the use the mouse to drag it about (instead of just moving in the direction you want and one click) and now you have to grab drag ,grab drag, grab drag, grab drag, well you get the picture… just to get to the location you want… seriously! It was great the way it was why change it. After 3 minutes of trying to learn all the new ways and going into the settings to see whats going on about 8 times I just quite it… tired of re-learning all the changes. I played over a 100 hours before and could just do it fast and liked it, but this is just painful. I was going to play until I got a Synedrion map to see if they had addressed the supper lag issues, but can’t be bothered. Also the load times are ridiculous now? What is with that? And the mac end game error still keeps coming up, don’t know why that has been such a problem since the very start seems to be not a priority? Anyway, will wait till the next patch now… really hate having to learn UI all over again.

Flagging this as a bug as there haven’t been any changes to UI or controls.

There wasn’t any change. Try to unlug and plug your controllers again. Maybe reset bindings?

Found the UI BUG… It is when you go into “window” mode! I like to play in window as it allows for better resolution and if it crashes I can “ALT-TAB” out and shut it down without having to restart the computer. So it seems to lose all the UI features in this mode. This should not be hard to fix I would imagine?

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I play in windowed borderless mode because of compatibility with other programs. I don’t have any issue with the UI.

if I go boarder-less it works to! But as soon as you make it windowed it screws up!