Mouse scrolling on tactical map now terribly slow

Is there a way to change this?

It was fantastic as it was before last Patch from 04.03.20.

I don`t want to be forced to use always WASD or hold down left mouse-button and THEN move the mouse.

Don`t want to exaggerate, but that is near to game-breaking for me.

Camera movement should be again free and quick as is was before.


For me not a “game breaker” but annoying as all heck.


At least they could have made this optional. Not FORCING us to accept that change.
Really, really bad idea.

My hopes are, that change is considered a bug by Snapshot, that needs a fix.

Annoying, but you can drag the map around with left mouse click. Just look at the key bindings in set up

That’s kinda awkward when setting up overwatch. Just tried it, and it doesn’t work while setting up overwatch range.

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Moving camera on tactical map by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen is really slow now and it was not intended. We will fix that as soon as possible in hotfix which is planned for tomorrow.


Imho add ‘Shift+hold LMB’ or ‘shift+W, A, S, D’ to speed up screen scrolling speed, keep the slow screen.

Thank you for your answer.

The fix is really necessary, since it slows down the game and and makes overwatch very difficult.
Not to mention that you see the map only partly.

At least it is very annoying and (I repeat myself) gamebreaking, since it takes away the fun of the game.

Awesome, I was getting frustrated! lol, thanks for the hard work!

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Yet it isn`t fixed, but soon :slight_smile:

The hotfix is live and scrolling on tactical map is no longer slow.


Fix is working for 99%. Scrolling has little stuttering now.
Not a big thing. But maybe you can look into it?