Opinions about version 1.10.1

I am unsure on how to feel bout last changes; I did not have a chance to play it as I’m not at home these days. But I’m very intrigued, to me the most interesting change is the following:

“targets will now freeze during the firing sequence when shooting in Free Aim.”

So, this is potentially good, or even maybe very good but, it is unclear if this affects aiming or just firing, and especially if it affects firing in overwatch. Does it, if not do you think it should? Does it play better than before?

What do you think about these changes?

Certainly Im very excited about the new roadmap, and I like seeing adjustments being made. I will try to restrain myself to play again till the new DLC comes out, to not spois too much of the game for me.

  • Haven defenders are now alerted right from the start of the mission.

This is better. Now they either move right away or after a turn, whereas before they could sit off in a corner doing nothing the whole battle.

  • Enemies in Ambush missions are now alerted from the start.

Can’t confirm despite playing almost an entire hero game, no ambushes! Perhaps all of the ambush sites went undiscovered due to destroyed un-met havens and those sites not being in scan range?

The game is really stable. The only really annoying bug is the camera suddenly tracking with the mouse until clicked. Easy enough to stop, but it does result in some mis-clicks so it is prudent to do some saves. I keep one geo save and 1-2 tactical saves. A new less annoying bug in 1.10.1 is some of the animations broke. Like when a scalia dies it makes it’s death sound, but still appears to be standing there, though it is dead.

Some people complain the game is too hard, and others say it is too easy. For me hero is death-free barring some mis-click or flat out not paying attention, whereas my last legend level campaign had loses over 10, including 4 on a single mission when I shelved it. What really made this hero campaign easy was finally doing some food raiding. That +3000 food or so + XP + loot for those 3 missions really makes things way too easy, and one could keep going with the raids… Even the Cult of Cyrus in Apoc had a limiting mechanism! This patch did reduce the rep gain from base clearing, but it’s not enough.

With FS not until late May there will be one more patch before it. Hopefully they fix all the new bugs from this patch, and then something more interesting like balance.

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I reinstalled PP just to try this change, but I didn’t play enough to really get a feel from it. If I remember correctly, it just prevents enemy from animating until the entire burst is complete - so you can safely freeaim at enemy head with a burst weapon

There’s been a discussion about it over here:

Personally, now after trying the system myself I confirm my expectations. I found the earlier system more interesting when Freeaim wasn’t VATS.

EDIT: If I remember correctly, overwatch worked as it used to. That said, the update dropped midway through me trying the game (due to GOG delay) so I am not 100% sure if it was before or after the patch actually dropped.

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That is a shame. I think that the overwatch system would benefit a lot, if following the same rules. And also reduzing the time to fire. It is one of the reasons overwatch is so unreliable.

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Agreed, small but important thing. What was worse, in past they did not react even to enemy approaching (civilians).

Anim bug, production line bug, some fog of war in nests … still bugs to squash.

This often depends how quick you can reverse engineer tech, steal planes, build team with experience, gather resources needed - do more in quicker time, often dictated by map and random happenings, beside catching up the big missions.