Controller abilities selection bug


Since th last update, there is critical bug when playing with a controller : it is impossible to select and use abitilies.

Pressing RT makes you select the ability bar but then pressing left or right on the D-pad no longer allows you to select the abilities but instead rotates the camera.

When on the shooting icon, it is possible to move to the left to select overwatch or to the right for standby but that’s all.

So unless I am missing something, it is totally impossible to play the game in good conditions with a controller at the moment and a quick fix would be much appreciated.

Is anyone else having the same issue?

Is it possible to have a feedback from the devs because this bug makes the game unplayable with a controller at this point?
Last week it was the saves not working and now it’s this.

It has been months since release and I have spent as much time waiting for patches to fix problems as plyaing the game.

Are you playing the Epic Games Store version or the Windows Store version? Also, which controller are you using?

I’ve just tested this myself, and for me it’s working as intended (left and right d-pad change the ability selection when on the action bar).

At the moment, only Xbox (360/One) controllers are officially supported.


Playing the latest Windows version with an official Xbox one controller.
Strange thing is that it used to work perfectly but no longer does since the last update.

I will try again and see if it was a problem on my end.

Checked again and the problem is definitely there.
I even switched off some programs that might interfere and unplugged/plugged the controller but I did not change a thing.

I am not the only one who is facing this critical bug so I hope you will be able able to replicate and fix it.

I’ve made sure that the interface team are aware of the issue and they’re looking into it.

use F12 functionality after you will try using controller. it should send mission log to the quality assurance team.

I did what you requested.
Let me know if you got what you need.

I’m a gamer. It was just a tip so “they” can see the issue. :slight_smile:

It seems that If you play with Free Camera setting ON, the abilities switching in the tactical map will bug and the camera will be rotated instead. Try to turn off your free camera in the in-game settings until we fix it.

Turning off free camera solved the problem.

PS: unrelated bug but there is a huge problem with acide damage.
It kills everyone in one turn!