Brand New Game after Update

So I updated game to Leviathan, started a brand new game and my second mission out of the gate was a scavenging mission. Got into mission and the first thing I notice is trying to move around map with pointer is like moving through quicksand. I have to use arrow keys or w,a,s,d, keys. Trying to set up an overwatch that way was extremely slow and difficult. Most everyone else has 10 fingers, I only have 8. Being able to move pointer to the edges of monitor to move around map quickly is a must. I’ll assume it’s a bug and will get fixed. I did f12 and reported it. Next thing I noticed was that it wasn’t a scavenging mission against Pandorans, it was against haven soldiers. Ok I’m thinking that’s cool, then I click on the sniper in the group, because I see master marksman symbol associated with it. I think, no way. that can’t be right. Guess again genius, It’s a lvl 5 Sniper with all the trimmin’s.

Are you kidding me, I say to myself, so I check the Assault class in the group, lvl 4. I check the heavy. Now that’s more like it. A lvl 1 heavy. I had to play hide and go seek with the sniper because it could almost 1 shot any of my guys and almost did on 2 of them. Ok that’s not good, game evolution goes right out the window. So far I’m not at all happy. I took a screenshot of the sniper in question, but I don’t know where it was saved to or if I even did it right. I brought up info screen and hit print screen key. And I’ll be darned if I can find it.

That’s it for now… Just wanted to share that with everyone.

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I second the motion to hurry and fix the edge of map mouse scrolling speed…this makes the game no fun at all to play.

Just finally learned to play on easy difficulty after the 67th restart and low and behold the update comes out and my dual class troops can no longer use their dual class weapons…was this actually meant to happen? And if so…why?

My experience as well, but I encountered advanced evolved Pandorans on my first scavenge mission. They took out most of the crates in the first turn. DDA appears to be turned on its head instead of being tuned down.

EDIT: Here is the link to my similar experiences.

I was Gonna wait till I was ready to write a longer more extensive review/post about PP, but decided it would be appropriate at this time to go into story mode and give some incite as to how I feel about DDA. Seal Team 6 was on a high profile and seemingly dangerous mission in Afghanistan. As it turned out, the mission went off without a hitch, all objectives were achieved and the team suffered no injuries what-so-ever. Elated with their accomplishment, they returned to base in high spirit. During the de-briefing however they were informed that they did too good a job. Injuries were expected, but since there were none, and somehow that violated the expectations of the mission, they were told that the next time they were sent out on a mission they would be facing an enemy wearing full combat armor and they would only be allowed to take 22’s and a BB gun. That’ll teach them to do better than expected…!!!

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Can anyone check the credits and look for Quality Assurance section? Does it contain names, or one big word “You”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well all backer names are in the credits, soooo…

When you hit print screen you’re copying that image to your clipboard. You then also need to paste it into a program somewhere, or you can just paste them directly onto this forum.

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Windows: Ctrl +V into an open program Microsoft Paint or Snipping Tool, and then save it.

We are aware that the mouse scrolling on tactical map is very slow. It will be fixed in hotfix planned for tomorrow.

You actually still have proficiency with second class weapons. The problem is “just” with the text as it is saying NOT PROFICIENT even though you are. We will also fix that, but most likely not in the next hotfix.


Thanks for the information but…it doesn’t seem to be just with the text saying the soldier is not proficient with the dual class weapon but it also has a problem with being able to see the extra ammo in store supplies to add to the soldiers inventory. I dropped the weapon thinking I would just pick it back up with full ammo but the problem with it not being visible in store supplies is that you can’t pick it back up and give it to a soldier that’s not proficient.

Change the filter (at work, but I believe it’s on the left side of the inventory screen).

You can always give an item to the soldier no matter if he is proficient or not. You just need select to show all items in inventory.

:slight_smile: now I just feel stupid lol Turning off the inventory filter did the trick! Thanks to both of y’all for your help.

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No worries. Happy hunting!