Continious mouse scroll dosent work and makes it really hard to play

I played the game on a Mac with a Mac regular mouse which has touch continous scroll. It is super easy to accidentally touch that part of the mouse sending the camera flying. And even when intentionally trying to scroll to the right floor it can be near impossible to land on the correct floor.

Maybe not the most important thing to fix, but still very annoying for me that has no other mouse at the moment. But damn it ill probably buy one later just to get to play the game.

I think you need to look to your mouse settings like how many points it moves on scroll. Do you have a controller of some sort plugged in?

For my Mac the scroll doesn’t work well in geoscape, here I have only min or max zoom.

In combats it’s fine, but my scroll speed in mouse os setup (not with the specific mouse driver) is to slowest.

Woo I just realized I have a second Mac I could use to test those bugs, it is pro so not for such thing lol, but for some quick test it’s doable.

+1 - It’s even worse on a touchpad, hyper-sensitive.