UI changes since earlier builds

I feel like the last couple builds the in mission UI has been going backwards. BB4 is far the worst so far. Too much clutter, big numbers over everything? shaded boxes? weird. (also I liked the old weapon wheel which got changed but even the last build one wasn’t so bad)

I am sure things are still being tweaked and changed but honestly 2 builds ago was better in my opinion.

Don’t really hang about the forums, probably won’t be back to look at this post. Just posting my feedback for the UI, hope things change. Argue / agree if you like but most likely won’t comment further.

And I like new design, they just need to get rid off that transparency ang give us misson log, because those popping out messages are not readable if we use even the most simple explosives. Camera angles also don’t help. :wink:

New UI reminds me early Win10 builds - simple, but underdeveloped in terms of design. I say, design, not “mechanic” part, which is cool, I think. I mean, that line without boxes showing us approximate damage “online” is a nice addition to UI.