Backer Build 5 feedback

Hi Devs,

Just wanted to drop in and share some feedback on my experiences with BB5. I realise there is still a lot to come so apologies if any of this is work in progress. Overall I have been really enjoying Pheonix Point, so please read this in the context of an overall thumbs up:

  1. Level Up - I really like the stat allocation, but as far as i can tell combat accuracy does not increase with level or stat increase, that seems a bit strange to me.
  2. Elevation - Shooting from elevation does not seem to impact accuracy as far as i can tell, I think there should be a marginal advantage to shoot down vs up. It does enable you to see over top of shields some what i guess. But what i find frustrating is often there is no LOS to enemies when in an elevated position. Maybe this is just effecting heavy class in semi cover?
  3. Base screen - Are the still images of facilities a place holder? I would like to see a more dynamic representation of the base.
  4. Starting missions without ammo, surely my troops would load their guns before jumping off the drop ship?
  5. I’ve quickly learnt to fill my backpacks with spare magazines. I get it, but its a bit clumsy, maybe we could have an ammo belt or something.
  6. Alternative class at level 4 and the random 2nd skill set. I’m yet to explore this, at the minute it just feels like my char will be gimped based on the random line of promotions, however it may be i learn to really love this if i meld in 2 class choices. Jury out on that one for now.