BB4: What Are You Doing With Graphics?

Guys, what the hell are you doing with your graphics engine? It’s a nasty disservice you’re doing to both your art team AND your game design.

I really like the art direction. I was more into the initial Cronenberg body horror type, and then it turned into a more sci-fi setting. That’s OK! The character designs are cool, and I have no issues with the shoulder pauldrons. It’s not realistic, but realism went out the window from the moment we started to shoot alien crab people mutated from human beings. I don’t want real, I’m here for the sexy crab killing!

What’s not sexy is the colour pallete being so brown and orange. In scavenge mission sites, everything looks so alike I can’t differentiate my soldiers at first. It’s not cool to have to look twice or thrice to know where they are, or to distinguish the enemies from the terrain, or what type of mutations those pesky crabs are carrying. Good game design will reveal immediately what’s on the battlefield, so the players mind can focus at once in strategies, flanking, synergies, so on.

Seeing the art revealed in Twitter and Discord really puts the adrenalin pumping, but as it stands, that art is not being correctly translated to the game engine.

(note: putting more 3D polygons and improving textures is not the answer, this is a matter of design and not of technology)


I thought it was just my old eyes. It is hard to see everything. The labels need more something also, there to transparent or something.It’s early though and these backer builds are for this feedback I guess. It seems BB3 was more clear. Not sure how to put it.

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Yes, this is exactly it! It’s really strange. And I’m seeing a really small text, but thought it could be from a small monitor…

I’m on a tv 32 inch 1080p.

as r other games more colourful and have more contrast, i used to downgrade this with my monitor(use cinemasetting for games), but with PP this looks awful, with other settings(for PP i use the game setting) it looks far better(could still be better vanilla), i use a TV Monitor for gaming so(40inches), but i think u can change settings on all monitor, u justdont have presettings on all.

Gonna plug my PC to a better monitor and see how it goes. But just the idea of having to do that for a gaming experience is awkward. I can play every other game just fine.

yea, special if u have no presettings, so u have to adjust everytime u play another game or do something else…
if they realy stick to this, i hope for a good reshade(3rd party programm, with custom presetting by mods, or by urself, which can easy use everyone)

I gotta admit, when I first started playing BB4, I wasn’t liking it. My first scavenger site was a washed out blobby mess.
I tried switching to potato, and while I liked it better, I still wasn’t happy.
I used Nvidia tools to disable AA and Aniso Filtering(just for PP)ttt and its back to the clean lines of BB3 that I was really digging.
Back to looking great.
I’m missing the bug that allowed me to outfit soldiers with both primary weapon and Firecat tho.

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I agree, why is it so brown, and will that change. Very depressing and hard to see.

hm. since the epic store thing i do not get any graphics options popup on mac anymore. solutions to make the game run better? no performance settings :frowning: