BB3 Impressions :)

Although I’ve played new build just few times and didn’t even discover all of its secrets I must say it’s fun to play! :slight_smile: Now we have more freedom, more enemies, more terrain types and a great insight into geoscape feature.
I am again excited and looking forward in what comes next in the future builds (progress between build 2 and 3 is tremendous), and most of all - in the final game, when all features take their places and we also get: story progression, researches, diplomatics, events or character progressions.
What I’d like too see the most in the future builds are: line of sight, fog of war and even more horror in tactical missions. Remember those twisted human heads sunken into ground or huge mysterious spikes coming from the ground? It was disturbing but felt fresh!
I’m also wonder what other nasty things would monsters do to our soldiers in full retail? Forward to see some very gory death animations (or soldiers’ mutations which would be worse than death!).

In the end, it’s clear that PP is still going in the right direction, thanks for this!