[BB5] Inventory icons

Last one from me, promise. Any chance the icons on the inventory screen (or perhaps whole inventory screen) will get a bit more of an overhaul before release? BB5 is definitely much better than previously but the equipment screen is still a real pain to use, imo.

In particular, working out what things are - especially ammunition - as it’s all quite visually messy. Could we either have clearer, more distinct icons for ammunition and / or more filtering options so can just look for ammo, just for weapons, just for armour, etc?

I think equipment icons are very well designed - one glance at them is enough to me to know which ammo is for which weapon. I am not sure how they could be even more readable?
The amount of filtering options is never too much, though :slight_smile:

UI is still placeholder in many places. I think inventory is also still not finishe, although I like it.

For ammo use Ammo+ button- you won’t need to search for it.