Two things that bother me

First, a mission I did for New Jericho never finished. I cleared the map and ran around to all the buildings about three times each. No clear, so I evacuated and failed…
Second. My save files for the last ten hours of gameplay disappeared as well as the autosave. This is not very good and it disheartens me a bit, to say the least. Is there a fix or do I have to slog through what I have already done once?

You might want to wait for the patch the Devs have promised, or maybe for mods, anyway. Check out the forums, it is awash with discussion of broken mechanics and bugs and poorly thought out features.

The game has hope, but the hope is faint and thin.

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Regarding first:
there was such bug in BB5, the only way to fix that is get a new gen of the map by loading before you explored the site (autosave made on mission start won’t fix this) or by going to console and executing command to kill all enemies.
The command was ‘win’, to just finish mission. But now idea if we get access to console in release, as this command is kind of cheat.

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