BB5 bud - Mission ended prematurely by loading Autosave

I had a battle to save a heaven. Things weren’t doing well because already had lost 2 of my troops, the smoke screens were pretty bad so quit to replay the battle today. (image bellow is just before I leave the battle to show to a friend how the AI operates some time).

Logged today pressed the continue button and presented with the successful completion of the mission with the stuff of the dead members as reward. Regardless if I left the mission with over 8 enemies hitting me hard and never completed it.

I have a copy of the Autosave.

if you submit a bug report via the in-game bug reporter (accessed with F12) all of your save files get sent in with the report

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OK I load the game tonight and submitted full detailed report including save etc though (F12) bug report form.

Here is what I was talking about. Only 1 member died and the battle hadn’t finished, however got all their gear back (even the alive members) and successfully defended the Haven.