Please introduce more autosaves. Game crashes and lost data

Your game is buggy and from time to time missions crash my game.
The worst part is when it crashes and the last autosave was 2 hours ago.

If you know a game crashes and has bugs then why do you fail with the basics? Add more autosaves and make the game save before it loads missions etc. This is BASIC stuff, especially if you know you have so many game breaking issues.

Please please please hotfix basic things asap or this game will die.
The reviews and reddit forums are really hating this game and if it would just fix a few issues I wouldn’t be this angry.


Yep, while i agree, a workaround can be to save everytime you return to the geoscape, it only take 2 clics, if possible on a different save spot, it’ll reduce the risk of loosing everything in case a save got corrupted ^^

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xcom had a system where it had 3 autosaves and would save regularly for you.
I don’t remember XCOM ever crashing…

PP has hardly any autosaves and is currently in a bad state…

I want to love this game, but simple mistakes like this hurt.

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this game has become a carousel of alt-f4, task manager and ridiculously uneven spikes of play when it’s not failing to load a mission. Obviously it’s also immensely enjoyable or i’d have thrown this out as garbage. You know what would make about 70% of this less painful? goddamn debug/cheat system, it’s the saving grace of any studio, because within a “lore firendly” sort of way if a bug wrecks a unit, you just spawn a new one to replace it. Like when you buy an elite unit with your last bit of tech and it just disappears… Seriously, indy single dev games have better failover mechanics than this because they don’t assume their software will be perfect, they assume it will have bugs, as any decent procedural/organic game is expected to, yet here we are on release experiencing bugs reported 6 months ago and no mitigation systems whatsoever. Why do they hate fun?