Finishing a mission gets me back to 'before the mission'


I’m encountering a strange situation where finishing the ‘Black Ops’ mission will get me back ‘before the mission’. That is, the mission will still be there, including the site, and the manticores carrying the troops will be on the geoscape ‘just before arriving’

I wonder if anyone has encountered this situation


many have encoutered this try searching the forum

I tried but not much came up - would you have pointers?

in my case I can’t progress, because the mission itself is never finished in geoscape - even if I finish it, after it, it’s there again :frowning:

That is issue with autosave afair (file access violation). Try saving manually before the mission and delete the autosave file via File Explorer. It sometimes help (but it didn’t for me few months ago).


so, I loaded the tactical save from the mission, removed all save files from the save folder, ended the mission - and it still gets back to me to before the mission (the mission is still there) :frowning:

My guess is that tactical saves are not really a good way to do something like that. The important autosave (that seems to bug sometimes) is always a geoscape (strategical) save.

Maybe try the following:

  • Load the autosave or any other save before this mission and save this one again to a new save game.
  • End the game and delete (or move to different folder) all other save games, also the autosave.
  • Start the game, load the one saved game and try again.

I forgot to mention that all these only works without cloud saves, these will always recover anything that has be deleted and can end in even more chaos. But I guess you have it still deactivated as mentioned in the other thread(?).