Trigger for living weapons?

I have a somewhat stupid question.

I had no issues with triggering them on my last two playthroughs but now I cannot find them (or the trigger for the mission chain rather).

I don´t remeber what I did the first two times. Furthermore the DLC isn´t listed when I start a new game (that might be normal, I don´t rember if it was there the last two times).

The only thing I did different was to skip the tutorial/story intro.

I tried to look it up on google and in the forum, but most answers are a year old.

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The first mission triggers with the vivisection of an Arthron, the other two are simply chained one after another.

That shouldn’t be normal, at least not with the old Epic versions (I don’t know what the “Year One Edition” from Steam looks like).

My actual starting screen with all 3 DLC:

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I own the Epic version and have upgraded it to the year one edition. Okay, thank you for the screenshot, I just checked and the DLC is still missing from the list.

Edit: It´s not listed under Addons in the epic launcher as well. I hope verification solves it : (

For me it was never shown in the launcher, only ingame on the campaign start screen.

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Ok, verification solved it, it´s now listed again.

Anoying bug, but at least I am not crazy :smile: