Chitin Armor and Living Weapon DLC

Just saw this on Reddit, have not had time to test it but seems it has been confirmed by at least one other person:

It appears the DLC checkbox is reversed. Unchecked activates the DLC, checked disables it.


I have now confirmed that I appear to have the event appear after the Arthron autopsy with the DLC as unchecked.

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Thank you for the confirmation. This confirmation is what I needed to go ahead and start a new game halfway through my current near perfect campaign.

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I don’t know if I would completely forsake a campaign if it is going well just for the DLC. I’m in a much worse position in my current play through and I’m not sure if I want to start over as of yet.

Can someone post a screen shot of whst this looks like? I haven’t seen the living weapons dlc listed anywhere in my game, just the unreleased dlc

You have to launch the game through Epic. Then when you start a new game you get this screen:

This is only if you have the Deluxe or Ultimate version.

and only if launched via the EGS

So apparently we can’t just play the game without egs. Which sucks, because the egs uses like 75% of my cpu and 80% of my memory when it’s open.

Thank you though, because I never would’ve figured that out

You should be able to start the game with EGS and then after the DLC triggers save and run outside of EGS to make sure. But the devs have said that saving the game with the DLC active should be good enough. Just everyone thought DLC was active with the checkbox checked.

I will give that a shot, thanks


I can’t believe that even UV didn’t knew it or didn’t tested it.

Maybe it is really best to wait for enough patches until you can start a bugfree campaign. :frowning:

I can confirm this you get 3 mission and only a single copy of weapon and armor. It look very cool, and unique. Can’t upload cuz of my photo size is too big.

Haha - how daft. Thanks for this.

…and i guess I´m fucked now, because yaou can´t activate - or deactivate in this case - the extra content when you are already in a campaign!

Wow, Snapshot, that´s really a big shit you did there ! I have no words for this!

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You had ONE job…

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I think the devs said “good enough” about a lot of things. I have tried to be respectful, but it’s difficult when you know you’ve been cheated into buying a beta under false pretense. These guys are a joke. The game had potential but there are so many things that are just plain sloppy, not giving a &$*#. Never again.

Edited to say maybe the devs aren’t a joke and the business side of things pushed this out prematurely… Snapshot is a joke for not giving the devs enough time and being disingenuous about the state of this game.

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I see

  • One armor set
  • One acid machine gun
  • One heavy acidic gatling gun

No more maze missions.
Is that it?

Yes, except it is a poison Gatling gun :wink:

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Well, it qualifies as Living WeaponS since there are two weapons (heavy sarcasm on)

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