No living weapons DLC in game - refund?

I really do not like to pay for things I do not get.

I have started a new game now 3 times, and in no game have i received the DLC i paid for. I have looked online for the “solutions”. Some point to a pre-patch state where you had to deselect the dlc but I am playing post patch. And, I am aware that you have to research a tech to enable them. I did the tech on all 3 games and nothing.


Firstly, can you confirm that you have the DLC enabled from the difficult selection at the start of a new game?

With the DLC active, you first need to perform an autopsy on an Arthron which will start the DLC chain. You will be then given a special mission which you will need to complete to receive them.

You can see that I own the Ultra Edition, and you can see there is no Living Weapons DLC on difficulty selection screen.

Can you please send me a DM with your Epic Games account name, and I will speak to Epic and ask what’s going on. It should be visible at the top of that list.

Since you confirmed it should be there i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it is now there. I will start a new game.

Thank you for your support!

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Hey I am having this same issue! However in my library the dlc reads as Unavailable. I did buy the deluxe edition however

Can you please press F12 on this screen and submit a bug report? We’ve had a few reports of this and it only seems to be with the Deluxe Edition. The DLC shouldn’t even appear in the library, so we’re trying to track the cause. Your bug report would help with this.

For sure. Thanks for getting back with me

I have standard edition, no living weapons DLC to be seen. I’m a backer, phoenix point “manage DLC” shows five unavailable DLCs but no living weapons.

I reinstalled the game, it didn’t make a difference. In the Epic store I can see the season pass is owned.

I submitted a bug report for what it’s worth.

If by the “Standard” edition, you mean the Base Edition or Digital Download Edition, that doesn’t come with the Alien Living Weapons and Chitin Armor DLC. It’s also not in the season pass as it was originally a backer/pre-order exclusive - so some people have already paid for it. It will be available to purchase separately later.

I am a backer.

Yes, I read that you were a backer. However, you won’t have the Living Weapons DLC if you backed at the Digital Download or Digital Extras Edition.

OK, I see, kind of confusing having all the DLCs included except they’re not…

And speaking of confusing, having the manual and wallpaper appear as a separate epic library item is sort of strange too.

@UnstableVoltage I’m getting the same issue but living weapons appears if I launch from epic games store but doesn’t if I for instance launch locally, in my instance I was using steam big picture mode so I could use the steam controller.

This is normal. The game checks your key for DLC entitlement against Epic’s server. If you run the game without the Epic launcher, the DLC won’t be available.

So would my armor disappear or possibly corrupt my save if I go back and forth between launchers?

No. If you started a game from the Epic launcher, enabled the DLC and created a save game, you’d still have access to that DLC if you run the game without the launcher on that save file.

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