DLC activation post patch?

Anyone know if they inverted the selection for the living weapon dlc (i.e. - made it so checking the dlc enables it now instead of it being the other way around… )?

2nd to ask that confirmation, please include this in list bug fix or something like that

Unstable Voltage said on another post that a restart would be required and that it will be a tick to activate.

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Awesome, thank you sir!

Where is the box to tick? I don’t see anywhere where the living weapon dlc is mentioned in the game?

new game screen when playing via the EGS

Damn. Pumped 2 weeks into my current play through. Not starting again.

Do you know if they’ve given any thought to a GUI notification in game, so we know if our game is doomed to not have it active (due to misselection).
I’m on 2nd play-through and I’d like to know if I have a chance of getting the stuff or not, without having to start over.

I do not. The DLC triggers after you do the Arthron autopsy though