Triangles ffa tournament

@clef @blobka @Alistair @bluddy @bejebus @Roderic @Xirkaanius @Othrek

Hello Attendees,

This is the new format revamped from the original FACTION WARS. The link below will bring you to the google sheet containing the battles as well as the standings.

1: Please follow the below link and setup the games where you are listed FIRST (each player should setup 2 or 3 games), settings for the battles are also listed there.

2: When setting up async games: use the same order as listed. Invite participants (if they are not on your friend list you may need to send them a friend request). It is best to set your games to public (as opposed to private). There is a lobby bug that sometimes results in battle options not being visible, this can usually be remedied by spectating another game, popping into the tutorial, or logging in/out, then returning to the lobby.

  1. Victors should report battle results back here and I’ll update the google sheet

  2. There are no gear requirements for the tourney

Happy Hunting


Is there any lore to this one? I would like to know what my motivation is


great idea Beje, you’re hired.

Waiting for confirms to my friend requests so far.

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@clef @blobka @Alistair @bluddy @bejebus @Roderic @Xirkaanius @Othrek

Everyone should have started their games by now, if you haven’t please take 5 minutes today and make it happen. That includes accepting any friend requests for folks that might be waiting to start their games. Thanks!

@clef @blobka @Alistair @bluddy @bejebus @Roderic @Xirkaanius @Othrek

Sorry if this has re-notified you all, but I’m thinking that maybe the notifications haven’t been going out. Nothing new to say, just making sure the above messages have been read and everyone has got their games underway, thanks.

They’ve been going out

cool. then get a moveOn biatches

Alistair didn’t ready up in one lobby, another one got glitched, will start soon! :grin:

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I have started both the games I was responsible for. I know one of the others I’m part of is having a few issues with a new player having accidentally joined the lobby. Hopefully will be resolved soon.

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My games are already on.

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One game is ongoing, the other is still glitched out, tried restarts - didn’t help so far but I don’t gave up on making it work… .

I came today and created an asynch lobby and it worked! The gravity balance in galaxy has been restored today must be! Hallelujah! @Aka fix the margins in your score table below please :grin:

cool…not sure what you mean about the margins

A glitch on my side forget :sweat_smile:

geezus blobkins is this a critique of my spreadsheet graphic design capabilities? that’s just hurtful, man

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@Xirkaanius hey dude. I have attempted to communicate with you a number of different times but you’ve gone radio silent. All the other games are underway except the ones you are responsible for setting up.

dear lord can someone please nudge him in-game?

I’ll try if see him!

Triangle 9 Game ID: 1145500 me win)

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