Next New Tourney?

With both of the current tourneys running down, I thought it might be worthwhile to think about the next one.


  1. Communication: This has been a bit more of a challenge than I’m able to deal with. So, any future tournaments I might organize will require a better means of communicating with participants. Any thoughts on a better system of communication? Honestly, I’m not sure there is one. The current system even emails participants directly…so, it sortof seems like people are just intentionally ignoring me, lol. In any case, this is a big consideration from my point of view, because I don’t mind organizing the tournaments but I don’t have the time/patience/interest in chasing folks down.

  2. Recruitment: A shorter and more aggressive phase of recruitment seems like it would be beneficial, perhaps participants can play more of an active role in spreading the word? Thoughts?

  3. Tournament Themes: I’d still like to do the last one that we bypassed due to low participation (The Faction Wars), but anyone have any other ideas? Sticking to Equipped is costing us some numbers, but it’s difficult for me to want to switch to Classic (Chaos Reborn Lite)…



One problem is that not many people frequent chaos as much as you do with as much vim or vigour.

Regular reminders on discord would be a good idea. I don’t think we did that this time.

We also lose number by perhaps ignoring law mode.

Can we introduce a vote for goal of the month

lol. i hear what you are saying, I guess it’s a matter of realistic expectations. I work online so am always online, but I’m pretty sure at this point in our technological arc most of us are online daily. The battle clocks are timed so that you have to checkin and play relatively frequently. Nobody timed out to my knowledge, so I’d expect the ability to take an extra minute to perform a task or respond within reason, and the vast majority do.

I’m guessing some of the issue has to do with our lack of ability to communicate in-game.

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what’s goal of the month about? blasting blobka?

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During the competition, players can submit videos of kills or good moves and we vote on them and prizes!

I liked the blobka one because in one turn I killed a dragon and bolted blobka when he was out of range! Worthy winner of a spare key for a game nobody wants, indeed!

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ooooh. i like it. and yeah, that was a tough moment to beat


I got a couple of dragon kills this April >:)

There you go. A ripe selection of tournament highlights

Worthy winner haha.
What can I add, I don’t check my e-mails often all those verifications are pretty tedious, whatever - you never know what is going on on the other side of the cheese so there are two mutually exclusive or better put related-tied moments I want to highlight: firstly is recruiting the more you do the less is probability recruits would show up or fulfill the obligations. Secondly - I forget - what used to be the first one, okay, so there are both of them already, the end all lived happily and died in one day - Thursday!

You can’t go without dropouts, y’know, that’s the friskies - no dogs allowed!

Classix would be nice to participate in! Perfecto momento! Merci bouquet! Ciao chin!

lol. many drops of wisdom in that strange ocean, blobs. the communication issues are more aimed at the very few folks who sign up for the tournament and then ignore all attempts of contact. To be fair, the last 2 tourneys have dragged on, CGR has been ongoing for like half a year or more and Triangles, while rather fast-paced in comparison, had a very long recruitment phase that bled into some dropouts that held things up even further. So, management has as much to account for as anyone :slight_smile: but I’m just wondering if there is a better system to implement.

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ID cards/passports take over or maybe nude pictures of the possible participants and the threat of blackmailing may add to motivation in finishing the started? Eh? Pets taken as hostages maybe? :man_shrugging:
Let’s set the limit/deadline for starting games like 3 days then we would get more momentum to adjust?

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hehee. i like the way your mind works. got me to thinking of the ability to do public floggings of wizards in limbo. How would we implement the 3 day limit?

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Not started in 3 days - disqualification? Some sort of hard frames to the rules… .

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One way to reduce communication issues is to add everyone that is in a given competition to your steam friends list. It still doesn’t make things perfect, and if you find a way to reach a situation where you never have to chase anyone down then you’re a better man than me, but I did used to find that that helped quite a lot.

Another possibility is to make a note within the competition to say that the winner of a particular game is the one who needs to report the result, otherwise you have the danger that neither player does it and both assume that it’s the other person who will do.

I think part of the problem is that if people have a large number of games on the go at a given time then they’ll forget about the fact that one of those games was a part of a tournament and just play their move in it whilst catch up on other asynchs, if they win the match during that turn there’s nothing within the game itself that says ‘hey you’ve just won a special game you need to report it now, and the asynch game list doesn’t let a player flag individual games as being part of a competition’ - To that end I think you’ve maybe got a better chance of players reporting game results if they have a different format that what they’ll usually play i.e. people might forget to report a dual result, but if they’re only playing dual then the games in a 3 way competition stand out a bit more.


thanks Spite. That steam friend’s list is a great idea, I’ll make that happen.

I would definitely second the Steam friends thing. The only CR regular I know through Steam is Glas, and I always find the disconnect between Discord/the game itself and my Steam profile a little strange.


We can create steam group chat to the event, for the time so to speak, the only thing to consider in this case is the way to drag and drop players from places of usual contact. A link needs to share somehow, can be done on Discord, through Steam friends of friends chain and here - the forum. Only troubled instance is in the game itself the chat, hard to imagine someone would be typing by memory, is it possible to copy the text from ingame chat?

That way we won’t start before this checkpoint and will be able to send direct messages for slackers. But of course there are always people who play GOG versions like meself… .


ooh nice thought. can you pin messages at all? or do they all get lost in the stream?

Hmm can’t be sure at the moment there’s some channel pin thingy, whatever we can make a channel with oooooh I see maybe this is what that means, pin a channel to make it keep the stuff inside from time triggered clean up, it’s only maybe though… .

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I use GOG too, better to get an additional channel